Council Agendas

Council Meetings

Ordinary council meetings are formal meetings at which elected members participate in discussion and debate on a wide variety of issues to make decisions representing the overall public interest of the local government’s area. Council meetings are required to be open to the public (although under certain conditions, council meetings can be closed under provisions of the Act). In order to promote the transparency and accountability required for good governance members of the public are encouraged to attend, be informed and get involved in the decisions and affairs of Council.

Members of the public may attend a Council meeting as an observer and can ask questions during Public Question Time (usually at the beginning of the meeting as one of the first matters of business). There are procedures that apply to Public Question Time – visit to find out more. Questions can be submitted in writing prior to the meeting which can be helpful in ensuring staff have sufficient time to prepare any relevant background information, give advice on the matter and provide a prompt response.

We understand the format of a Council meeting is quite strict and structured but don’t let that deter you, we encourage people to attend and remind you that Council Members are community members too, working towards the best outcomes for our community.

Council Meeting Dates for 2023

15 February 2023

19 April 2023

21 June 2023

16 August 2023

18 October 2023

13 December 2023


Concept Forums

Concept forums involve elected members and staff meeting to propose, discuss and formulate philosophies, ideas, strategies and concepts for the development of the local government and the district. Such forums often involve projects that are in the early planning stage and are sometime away from being presented to council for decision. In discussing such issues, staff are looking for guidance from the elected members as they research the matter and draft the report. Elected members and staff are also looking to present ideas and concepts for future consideration. Privacy and informality allows elected members to propose ideas, ask questions and discuss issues for the better understanding of those in attendance. Such forums assist individuals to become better informed and to clarify their views. Many of the ideas and concepts are preliminary and while looking for that creative gem some may be extreme, expensive or impractical and never be adopted therefore, it is appropriate that these discussions occur behind closed doors.

Concept Forums may involve engagement with key stakeholders and community groups but attendance is by invitation only. Members of the public do have the opportunity to attend Concept Forums on off months when a Council meeting (bi-monthly), is not held between 5 – 5:30pm. Whilst it is not mandatory, we encourage you to contact us if you have a specific matter to discuss so that we can prepare any relevant information that may inform the discussion. Please note however, that decisions are not made at these meetings and the matter may be referred to the CEO, if of an operational nature, or to a future Council meeting for actioning.

Concept Forum Dates (with open public session at 5pm) for 2023

15 March 2023

17 May 2023

19 July 2023

20 September 2023

15 November 2023