Strategic Community Plan

On 1 May 2019 the Shire of Mingenew completed major review of its Strategic Community Plan. This Plan (2019-2029) is a key strategic document which captures our aspirations for the future and outlines how we will, over the next decade, work towards a brighter future for the Mingenew community. Council will also use this document as the basis for future investment decisions and it’s shorter-term planning framework.

The Shire spent the previous 8 months consulting with the community and our regional stakeholders to build this plan, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who attended workshops, sent in submissions and provided feedback and input to this process.

About the Plan:
The Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is a visionary plan (it’s literal legislative purpose is to “set out the vision, aspirations and objectives of the community in the district”.) It is outward-facing and will be utilised to demonstrate to prospective funding bodies the kind of things our community prioritises, show potential businesses or people who might be looking to invest in/move to the region the kind of place that Mingenew is and reflect back to the community the things that they care about and where they want to see our Shire heading.

The consultation process spent some time looking at the prioritisation of some of the key initiatives identified, however the more granular resource-allocation process (i.e. laying out specific projects) will actually fall to our Corporate Business Plan (CBP) which is the next layer down in the integrated planning framework for local government. It is more closely linked to budgets, reviewed on an annual basis and provides more specific project details.

Naturally, not everything has made it into the plan. Council has to consider it from the point of view of what is going to be realistically achievable (and what won’t be – either for resourcing or simply area of influence reasons) to ensure that we finished up with something which reflects both community aspirations and – importantly – is achievable. That said, we believe that the key issues and concerns have been captured well and put us in a position to work towards addressing them over the coming decade.

Thanks again to all for their input in this process. You can download the plan below, or visit the Shire office to obtain a printed copy.


Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029 Download
Feedback Summary Download