Strategic Plan

Welcome to our 2012 Strategic Community Plan for the Shire of Mingenew. This plan shares our visions and aspirations for the future and outlines how we will, over the next decade, work towards a brighter future for the Mingenew community.

As a result of changes to the legislation, all Western Australian local governments are required to develop a Strategic Community Plan for a period of at least 10 years. Our Strategic Community Plan outlines our long term vision, values, aspirations and objectives, based on the input provided by the community.

We are also planning to develop a Corporate Business Plan, which will be an internal working document to ensure our priorities and resources are aligned to the Strategic Community Plan, and there is a mechanism to ensure the strategies are delivered.

This plan could not have been produced without the input of the local community and I thank everyone for their enthusiastic response and taking the time to fill in the surveys and attend the various workshops and events held. Your responses gave us a valuable insight into your visions and aspirations for the future.

We believe we have captured your aspirations and have reflected these in our desired outcomes. We will work in partnership with the community and other key stakeholders to deliver these outcomes using the strategies we have detailed in this plan.

I welcome your contributions and thoughts, and look forward to continuing our focus to ensure Mingenew continues to stand proud and grow strong.

Shire President Michelle Bagley


Strategic Community Plan