Eat & Drink

Hey, you’re in the country so there’s plenty of fresh produce to be had. In town there are a selection of outlets to choose from. The bakery is always a hit and is owned and operated by two of the best bakers this side of the Indian Ocean. The Mingenew Sporting Club serves up meals most nights of the week, along with great views. If you’re staying at the Caravan park, owner Carol and her team do great food or if you’re looking to fill up the fridge or prepare a picnic, Mingenew IGA has absolutely everything you’ll need. There’s some handy info below and remember, if you’re using Mingenew as your base and feel like spoiling yourself at a fancy restaurant, we’re only half an hour from Dongara and an hour from the City of Geraldton.


Due to COVID-19 we are asking all travellers to observe travel restrictions and stay at home.

Mingenew’s fantastic food and drink, and friendly locals. When that happens we can’t wait to welcome you back; until then we say to you “stay safe, and stay at home”.