Fires and Emergencies

Prohibited and Restricted Burning

Prohibited Burning Period 1st November to 31st January STRICTLY NO BURNING.

Restricted Burning Period 1st October to 31st October (amended from 17th September) and 1st February to 15th March PERMITS ARE REQUIRED.



Penalty Rates

The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine of up to $400. A person in default is also liable , whether prosecuted or not, to pay the cost of performing the work in this notice, if it is not carried out by the owner or Occupier by the date required by this notice.

Failure to maintain a firebreak as per firebreak order$250
Offence relating lighting a fire in the open air$250
Setting fire to bush during prohibited burning period$250


Permit Issuing Officers
Murray Thomas 9928 1122 | 0428 281 157
Nick Duane9972 6058 | 0429 726 058
Fire Weather Officers
Murray Thomas 9928 1122 | 0428 281 157

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

The Mingenew Local Emergency Management Committee is in the process of reviewing and updating our Local Emergency Management Arrangements. You can view the current document here, the updated version will be uploaded once it has been adopted by Council.

Download the Local Emergency Management Arrangements here.