Waste Management

Mingenew Transfer Station

To better manage our natural environment, reduce unauthorised dumping of waste and improve our regulatory compliance, the Shire of Mingenew is transitioning from a landfill facility to a Transfer Station.

The Transfer Station is currently management through an external contract with Cleanaway. Upon entry, you are required to visit the site shed and the staff member will provide you with directions for the disposal of your rubbish. There will be signage on site to assist.

All visitors to the Transfer Station must comply with Conditions of Entry which are displayed at the entrance. Enclosed shoes and suitable attire must be worn. The speed limit is 10km/h.

Where possible please consider reducing, reusing or recycling before disposing of waste to ensure a more sustainable approach to waste management.

The facility is manned and open everyday except Mondays and Thursdays.

Opening Hours

Monday:           Closed

Tuesday:          8am – 12pm

Wednesday:      1pm – 5pm

Thursday:          Closed

Friday:              8am – 12pm

Saturday:          9am – 12pm

Sunday:            9am – 12pm

CLOSED Public Holidays.

Contractors and other personnel may make arrangements by appointment, to enter the Transfer Station outside of normal operating hours. Please contact the Shire on (08)9928 1102 or email enquiries@mingenew.wa.gov.au to make arrangements.

Prohibited Items

Disposal of the following items are prohibited at the Transfer Station:

  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Explosives
  • Infectious medical waste
  • Liquids and sludges
  • Tyres

Rubbish Collection

Household and domestic rubbish collection day is Monday for all Shire of Mingenew residents.

Residents are required to place your bin on the verge by 6am on collection day to ensure your rubbish is collected. Occasionally collection times may change therefore please do not rely on the standard time your bin is collected.

You should ensure your bin is not overflowing and not too heavy (240 litre bins over 70kg will not be collected. Bins should be placed one metre (1m) from the kerb, with wheels facing away from the kerb.

If your bin was correctly placed for collection on time but has not been collected please contact the Shire. Note that Cleanaway’s rubbish trucks are fitted with GPS tracking that can confirm the trip.

New Service

To request a new rubbish collection service please complete and submit the following form https://mingenew.wa.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/MGN-3902-Waste-request-form_form-fields.pdf