Mingenew Bank Building Expressions of Interest

The Shire is seeking expressions of interest to reactivate the bank building at 50 Midlands Road, Mingenew.

The Vision

The intent of leasing this space is to further the delivery of the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029 vision:

“Mingenew Shire is a safe, inclusive and connected community with a thriving local economy that provides opportunity for all to succeed.”

To that end, we will preference applications which are aligned with the Strategic Community Plan’s goals and values. This will include (but not be limited to) proposed uses which:

  • Support economic growth and social strengthening for Mingenew
  • Provide services, goods and spaces to meet community and visitor needs
  • Further develop of the community’s diverse culture and heritage
  • Generate employment within the area especially for the youth
  • Encourage people and families to move to the area
  • Build on, and promote agriculture and local products within the region
  • Encourage tourists to spend more time in Mingenew and the region
  • Support digital infrastructure in town and in rural areas
  • Promote and enable local businesses to grow and prosper
  • Strive to grow Mingenew’s population

 A copy of the Application Form can be found here.

 Making an Enquiry or Submission

Any enquiries, regarding the Expression of Interest process, including requests to inspect the building, should be directed to Margaret Rowe, Project Officer:

T:  08 9928 1102


Submissions can be emailed to the above address, posted to PO Box 120 Mingenew WA 6522 or delivered by hand to 21 Victoria Street, Mingenew WA 6522.

To view a copy of the Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029, click here or visit the Shire office for a hard copy.

Submissions Close:

Expressions of Interest will be received up to 4.00pm Friday 27th September 2019. Any submissions received after the closing date will not be accepted.

Expression of Interest Notice - Bank Building Download
Application Form - Bank Building Expression of Interest Download

CBH/Townsite Heavy Vehicle Access

Together with CBH and Main Roads WA (MRWA) we are looking at ways that we can improve heavy vehicle
access to the CBH site. This may require realignment of both the Midlands Road and Mingenew-Morawa
Road to improve accessibility.

Click here to download our FAQ document to find out about the project and the kind of feedback we are looking for. You can view a copy of the initial draft map here.

This is a medium- to long-term project which will require significant external funding to complete. As such we anticipate several years of planning and obtaining funding before any physical roadworks would take place. As we are looking at a long-term solution for the town, it’s appropriate that it be given due consideration and planning.

How do I give feedback?

We want to encourage people to provide feedback through online or hard copy surveys. You can access the online survey here and download a hard copy here. Alternatively, you can pick up a hard copy at the Shire office on 21 Victoria Street, Mingenew. We look forward to hearing from you!

Heavy Vehicle Access FAQ Download
Draft Road Mud Map Download

Waste Management

To better manage our natural environment, reduce unauthorised dumping of waste and improve our regulatory compliance, the Shire of Mingenew is moving from its current Landfill approach towards a Transfer Station model. This will likely mean some changes in the way our tip operates, and we want feedback from our community and those who utilise our tip to help to inform this process. You can view our Draft Environmental Plan here.

You can complete the survey online here. If you would prefer, you can download our survey here and return it to the Shire Office or email it to

We will be closing the survey at midnight on Sunday 8 September.

Transfer Station Survey Download
Draft Environmental Management Plan Download
Transfer Station FAQ Document Download

Public Communications

To improve our public communication the Shire is currently in the process of updating people’s contact details on our SMS Servicing line and email services. We are aware that people prefer to receive SMS updates and/or emails for certain Shire activities. As such we would appreciate if you could tick those activities for which you would like to receive SMS updates and/or emails for in the form below. To ensure our database is accurate, please complete this even if you already receive SMS or email messaging.

Community Register Apply Online Download


Did you know that the Shire has a range of resources and facilities which are available to our local community to rent and utilise? These include:

  • Recreation Centre and Turf Bar
  • Autumn Centre
  • Community Bus
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Mobile Coolroom
  • Private Works Requests

You can view fees and charges for these items here. Should you wish to make a booking for any of these items, please contact the Shire Office on 08 9928 1102, or drop by the office and speak to someone at Reception to complete an Application Form. Alternatively, you can download a Form right here.

We have introduced these forms to ensure that all requests go through a central point of contact and are properly captured in our booking system. This will help to ensure that requested items or facilities are ready when needed and allow us to keep better track of how our resources are used.

If you want to book something, or simply have a question about the booking process, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 9928 1102 or come and see us on 21 Victoria Street. Thank you.

Application for hire of Autumn centre Download
Application to hire rec centre and new pavilion Download
Application for equipment hire Download
Application to hire community bus Download


Application for Private Works Download


Burial Rights - What You Need to Know Download
Application for Burial (of Coffin) Download
Application for Burial (of Ashes) Download
Application for Funeral Directors Licence Download
Application for Monumental Works (part 1) Download
Application to Renew Right of Burial Download
Appllication to Reserve Cemetery Site Download

Community Assistance Scheme

Our Community Assistance Scheme is currently closed for applications. It will reopen during the 2019-20 Financial Year.

Application Package CAS Download

Food Permit Applications

Application for food permit Download

Public Interest Disclosures (PID)

Public Interest Disclosure Act  2003 (PID Act)

The PID Act enables people to make disclosures about wrongdoing within the state public sector, local government and public universities without fear of reprisal. The Act aims to ensure openness and accountability in government by encouraging people to make disclosures by maintaining confidentiality and providing immunity from detrimental action.

What is a public interest disclosure?

A disclosure must relate to a matter of public interest and tend to show wrongdoing by a public body.

What is a public body?

  • A public authority (State Government, local government, public university etc);
  • A public officer (Employee of a public authority, a minister, a member of parliament, a judicial officer, a police officer, a holder of office under the State);
  • A public sector contractor (a person or organisation engaged by a public authority).

What is a wrongdoing?

  • Improper conduct;
  • Offence under State Law;
  • Substantial misuse of public resources;
  • Substantial mismanagement of public resources;
  • Substantial risk to public health, safety or the environment;
  • Matter of administration that can be investigated by the State Ombudsman.

Who can make a disclosure?

Anyone who believes on reasonable grounds that the information they have is or may be true can make a disclosure, including an employee of a public authority and a member of the public.

How do I make a disclosure?

Your disclosure must be made to a proper authority.

Who is a proper authority?

  • The PID Officer within the public authority where the wrongdoing occurred;
  • A Police Officer;
  • Corruption and Crime Commission;
  • WA Ombudsman;
  • Auditor General.

Useful contacts?

  • PID Officer, Shire of Mingenew: Nils Hay (08) 9928 1102
  • For further information about public interest disclosures click here
  • The Public Sector Commission’s Guide for Disclosers can be accessed here

Alternatively call the PID Advice and Referral Line: 1800 355 835

The Public Sector Commission’s Guide for Disclosers Download

Community Register