What to see in Mingenew

We must say, Mingenew itself is blessed with a natural landscape that is like no other, even in our neighbouring shires. In season, wildflower that is, Mingenew Hill and its views are breathtaking. Fields covered in a blanket of canola which, set against a sky of impossible blue and rich red rock, makes for a perfect picnic, walk or a nice glass of wine. We are also very short drives to other key nature reserves and flower trails. We are even lucky enough to be just half an hour from the sleepy seaside resort of Dongara. Whilst our landscape is rich in things to see, our town is also dotted with points of interest and for those of you from the city, Mingenew is real country and even popping up the hill to our sporting and bowling club could turn into a great experience for you. Our local farmers, some of whom live and work on very large outlying properties, love nothing more than a yarn with ‘city-folk’ and finding out what’s happening down the road.

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Please be aware that Mingenew, like much of the Mid West of WA, only has Telstra mobile phone coverage – if you don’t have a Telstra phone, we suggest purchasing a SIM before you travel, or in town at our local Post Office.


Want to get out and about and explore the beautiful Mid-West? We have a number of local tour operators offering a range of personalised tours to cater to all interests, including seasonal wildflowers tours and stargazing experiences. Check out their websites to discover your next adventure.

Wildflower Country

Once you’ve enjoyed what Mingenew has to offer – why not experience the rest of WA’s Wildflower Country? Our region is hope to a wealth of natural and historical attractions, exciting events and unique characters. You can find out more on the Wildflower Country website: https://wildflowercountry.com.au/

Wildflower Country
Yandanooka Hall