Fees & Charges

Recreation Centre Charges

Type Fee ($ GST inclusive)
Travelling Shows, Parties Demonstrations- Non Local237.00
Travelling Shows, Parties Demonstrations- Local30.00
Weddings, Other Functions- All Groups237.00
Meetings- Local31.00
Meetings- Non Local108.00
Business Meetings/Seminars- Local165.00
Business Meetings/Seminars- Non Local237.00
New Pavillion- Business Meetings/Seminars118.00
Failure to clean & tidy hired venue72.00 per hour
All venues should be left in a clean state after use. Failure to do so will incur a cleaning fee.Actual Cost of repairs + 25% Admin Fee

Private Works Charges

Plant Hire: Inclusive of Operator Fee ($ GST inclusive)
Ratepayer\165.00 per hour
Contractor180.00 per hour
Ratepayer155.00 per hour
Contractor170.00 per hour
Ratepayer180.00 per hour
Contractor195.00 per hour
Small Truck
Ratepayer118.00 per hour
Contractor135.00 per hour
Truck & Trailer
Ratepayer185.00 per hour
Contractor205.00 per hour
Water Truck
Ratepayer130.00 per hour
Contractor145.00 per hour
Rubbered Tyred Roller
Ratepayer190.00 per hour
Contractor205.00 per hour
Vibrating Roller
Ratepayer155.00 per hour
Contractor205.00 per hour
Tractor & Slasher
Ratepayer150.00 per hour
Contractor165.00 per hour
Tractor & Boom
Ratepayer150.00 per hour
Contractor165.00 per hour
Block SlashingCost to Shire + 10%
Ute with fogger- Not including chemicals
Ratepayer108.00 per hour
Contractor125.00 per hour
* Large Truck Load (approx 14msq) of:
Sand (per load)140.00
Gravel (per load)252.00
Bluemetal (per load)910.00
Cartage (per load)110.00
*Small Truck Load (approx 1.5msq) of:
Sand (per load)15.00
Gravel (per load)27.00
Bluemetal (per load)98.00
Cartage (per load)110.00