Where to stay in Mingenew

Mingenew, particularly during Wildflower Season, is a beautiful place to stay. The days are bright and blue and our night skies are big and brilliant.

Many of Mingenew’s larger events, such as the Race Day or Expo cater for large numbers on site but, without doubt, the favourite place for visitors staying in town is the Mingenew Spring Caravan Park. The park caters for all types of visitors, vehicles and campers. There are also additional places to stay just outside of town. Info and contacts are below but please feel free to contact us for more information.


Due to COVID-19 all camping in the Shire of Mingenew – including the Mingenew Spring Caravan Park – is currently closed. The Mingenew Hotel remains open for essential worker accommodation only. At this time we are asking all travellers to observe travel restrictions and stay at home.

Mingenew’s wildflowers, night skies and friendly locals will still be here when we emerge from this emergency. When that happens we can’t wait to welcome you back; until then we say to you “stay safe, and stay at home”.