Shire Rates

The raising of rates is the primary source of revenue for all Councils throughout Australia. The purpose of levying rates is to meet Council’s proposed budget requirements each year in a manner that is fair and equitable to the ratepayers of the community.

In Western Australia land is valued by Landgate Valuation Services (Valuer General’s Office – a State Government agency) and those values are forwarded to each Local Government.

Two types of values are calculated:

  • Gross Rental Value (GRV); and
  • Unimproved Value (UV)

To calculate rates to be charged, Council multiplies a rate in the dollar by the supplied value. The rate in the dollar is determined by the level of revenue the Council needs to raise and is dependent on its adopted budget.

Apart from the need to ensure enough revenue to meet its expenditure needs, Council is mindful of the impact and affordability of rates to the community.

If you do not agree with the GRV or UV determined for your property you may lodge an objection to the Valuer General (note that evidence and supporting documentation will be required to support your case). To lodge an objection or to find out more about valuations please visit Landgate’s website at

Statutory Notices

The Shire recognises that, from time to time, hardship can make payment of rates difficult. This is a particular concern as we manage the impacts of COVID-19 on our community.

As such, we have introduced a Financial Hardship Policy, which outlines our ability to grant relief to those who need it. To apply, we have provided an application form, which can be completed online by clicking here. Alternatively, download the PDF by clicking the link below. For more information, please contact us on 08 9928 1102 or email

Financial Hardship Policy Financial Hardship Application Form

Payment and recovery

Payment in full, or the first instalment, must be received by the due date shown on the front of the rate notice unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed upon. Where no election has been made to pay by an Instalment Option or an Alternative Payment Arrangement, and where Rates and Service Charges remain outstanding for a period greater than 35 days after the date of issue, the account is deemed to be in arrears and interest is charged on the outstanding balance.

Interest is not charged to entitled and registered pensioners.

Payment Methods Available

In Person – Shire of Mingenew at 21 Victoria Street, Mingenew – Cash, Cheque or Eftpos. (Please bring your rate notice when paying in person.)

Mail – Please include the payment slip at the bottom of your rates form.

BPay – Via your online banking site. Please use the biller code and enter the reference number on the rate notice.

Telephone – Via Mastercard or Visa Card by calling (08) 9928 1102 and providing the Assessment number on the rate notice.

Alternative Arrangements

Ratepayers experiencing difficulty in paying rates and charges should contact the Council’s Rates Officer on 08 9928 1102 or as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.

Interim rating

Some ratepayers may receive amended rate accounts during the year where the Valuer-General considers the Gross Rental Value (GRV) of their property has changed. The GRV is the annual amount the owner could obtain from rental of the property and is assess by the Valuer-General.

The GRV is used as the base upon which rates are levied and values are generally reviewed every five (5) years. Any alteration to the property could result in an amendment to the valuation.

Objections and appeals

Under the Valuation of Land Act 1978 any person liable to pay any rate assessed in respect of land (for Local Government rates, the owner) including the authorised representative of such a person may object to the value used as a base and may serve upon the Valuer-General a written objection to the valuation, within 60 days after the date of issue of the annual rate notice.

Section 6.28 of the Local Government Act 1995 requires that Local Governments in Western Australia use valuation systems which relate to the purpose of land. Under the provisions of Section 6.28, the Minister for Local Government determines the basis of Local Government rates.  Each valuation is determined by the Valuer General under the provisions of the Valuation of Land Act 1978.  Section 6.28(4) of the Local Government Act 1995 requires Local Governments to use the valuation in force under the Valuation of Land Act 1978 as of 1 July in each financial year as the basis of rating.

If an objection or appeal is lodged the full cost of rates is still due and payable within 35 days of the issue of the rate notice.

Please see the below direct links to:

Valuer General’s Guide to Rating and Taxing Values

Lodging an Objection

Objection Form

Email Address Objection form can be submitted:


Change of address

Please advise the Shire of Mingenew of any change of address to which notices are to be sent. Change of address information, including email and phone numbers must be submitted in writing (PO Box 120, Mingenew, WA 6522) or email ( The Assessment Number should be quoted on all such correspondence.

How Do I Apply For the Rebate?

  • Contact the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 with your Pensioner or WA Senior Card details
  • Apply online at
  • Complete a Pension Concession form at Shire of Mingenew from Monday to Friday during the hours 8.30am and 4.30pm, along with one (1) photocopy of both sides of your concession card.

A pro-rata rebate may be available from the date of registration for Pensioners and Seniors who become eligible throughout the year. You can only claim a rebate or deferment (where eligible) on one property in any one financial year, in Western Australia. The property must be owned and occupied by you on 1 July of that financial year.

If you become a pensioner or senior during the year, please contact the Rates Finance Officer at Shire of Mingenew on (08)9928 1102.

How Much is the Rebate?

  • Pensioner Concession Card or State Concession Card are entitled to receive up to a 50% rebate on local government rates. The rebate will be limited to a cap of $750 by the State Government on your current rates, plus up to 50% off the ESL.
  • WA Seniors Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are entitled to receive up to a 50% rebate on local government rates. The rebate will be limited to a maximum cap of $750 by the State Government on your current rates, plus up to 50% off the ESL.
  • WA Seniors Card are entitled to receive up to a 25% rebate on local government rates. The rebate will be limited to a maximum cap of $100 on your current rates, plus 25% off the ESL.

Note: Eligible family members who are providing independent accommodation for a disabled family member may be entitled to receive a rates rebate.

Can I Lose my Rebate?

Seniors and Pensioners must finalise their account by the end of the financial year. If all outstanding rates are not cleared by the end of the financial year, Seniors and Pensioners will lose their concession rebate for that financial year and may not be eligible for the following year until it is paid in full or a Special Payment Arrangement is made with the Shire of Mingenew.

Change of Circumstances:

If your circumstances change, particularly with respect to the ownership of your property, or your eligibility as a pensioner or senior, you must notify the Shire of Mingenew immediately.

You should also contact the Water Corporation to ensure your rebate is correct for the coming year on 1300 659 951 or

The following are just some changes in circumstances both organisations need be notified:

  • You are issued with a new concession card
  • Your current concession card is cancelled or has expired
  • Your original application details have, or will soon have, changed
  • You sell, or transfer, an interest in all, or part, of your property
  • You, or your spouse, cease occupation of the property
  • Your contact details change

When are my Rates Due?

Payments for rates must be received prior to 30 June each year, so the State Government rebate can be claimed from the Office of State Revenue.

Please contact the Shire of Mingenew’s Rates Finance Officer on (08) 9928 1102 if you require any assistance.

Can I defer my Rates?

If you currently receive a 50% Pensioner Rebate for your property and you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact Shire of Mingenew on (08) 9928 1102 to discuss whether you’re eligible to defer your rates.

Rebates or deferments apply to your current rates and ESL. All other charges, such as; Rubbish service must be paid in full by the due date.

Lease for life pensioners living in retirement villages, caravan parks and park homes under long term leases, life tenants and shared equity properties cannot defer rates or ESL.

Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

The funds collected from the ESL are remitted by Council to the State Government. This is not a charge levied by Council. Any questions about this levy should be directed to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) on 08 9395 9300.

If you are a Pensioner or Senior, you may be able to apply for a rebate on you Council Rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL). Rebates to Pensioners and Seniors under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992 are funded by the Government of Western Australia.

To qualify, ratepayers must meet all the following criteria under the Rates & Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, an applicant must:

  • You must be the Owner and Occupier of the property as at 1 July of that year.
  • You must be the holder of a valid;
  • WA Seniors Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card together with a WA Seniors Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • State Concession Card

Rebates do not apply to Health Care Cards or Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card holders. Gold Card Holders are advised to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs on 133 254 to find out if they are eligible for a State Concession Card.

Lease for life pensioners living in retirement villages, caravan parks and park homes under long term leases will now be able to claim a pensioner rebate on their rates, if they hold one of the above cards, however, cannot defer their rates.

If you have shared equity property with the Department of Housing and you are responsible for 100% of the rates and charges you will be able to receive a 50% rebate, if you hold one of the above cards but will not be eligible to defer the payments of your rates or ESL.

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