Mingenew Races

Enjoy the day, stay the night! Throughout WA’s country horse racing fraternity, there is one event marked on everyone’s calendar, and that event is the mighty Mingenew Races. During the month of March, the Mingenew race track becomes a lively, vibrant and

Wildflower Season

Mingenew is often described as the true heart of WA’s wildflower country. Amongst a diverse range of native pink and white everlastings, yellow pom pom wildflowers occupy immense meadows as far as the eye can see and Mingenew is also blessed with

Irwin Polo Crosse

Mingenew is proud to host the Irwin Polocrosse Carnival, where only the ‘best of the best’ polocrosse teams from WA compete. polocrosse combines the exhilaration of lacrosse with the agility of Polo, and is not a sport for the faint hearted. This