Solar Eclipse

  • This event is over.
  • Mingenew

Avoid the crowds around Ningaloo – marvel at the eclipse from Mingenew! Experiencing almost an 80% eclipse, Mingenew offers you a quiet opportunity to be a part of this astronomical phenomenon occurring 20 April.

What is the Solar Eclipse?

On 20 April 2023, the moon will move across the face of the sun causing a total solar eclipse. While a total solar eclipse takes place about every 18 months on Earth, this is usually only visible out at sea. This year the eclipse will be visible from Western Australia, with the total solar eclipse occurring over Exmouth. This is a rare and exciting opportunity for us West Aussies!

Whilst Exmouth will be experiencing the total solar eclipse, you can still be a part of this astronomical phenomenon down in Mingenew – without the school holiday crowds! We will be experiencing a partial solar eclipse, reaching almost 80% at its maximum.

Find out more about the Solar Eclipse here. You can also learn more about the solar eclipse by attending our Mingenew Dark Sky Stargazing Night, a free event the week before the solar eclipse on 13 April.

Come for the eclipse, stay for the stars

In other words, come for the day, stay for the night! The partial eclipse will be begin at around 10am in Mingenew, be at its maximum approximately 11:22am, and end at around 12:51pm. Whilst you’re in town, grab a hearty pub feed at The Mingenew Hotel, or pop into the Mingenew Bakery for a sweet treat. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can head into the IGA to pack your own picnic for the day. Spend the afternoon wandering the town and discovering our rich history on the Mingenew Heritage Walk, before settling in for an enchanting evening under the stars.

Where can I stargaze?

Just about anywhere in our Shire makes for a great stargazing site, however we recommend you check out Yandanooka Siding, Coalseam National Park and Mingenew Hockey Oval if you want to get out your telescope or do some astrophotography. For the real astro enthusiasts, be sure to check out our custom-built viewing pad and outdoor planisphere out at Yandanooka Siding.

You can find out more about stargazing season and all of our world-class stargazing sites here.

Where do I stay?

Stay at one of the Mid West’s most iconic pubs, the Mingenew Hotel, or the welcoming and friendly Mingenew Spring Caravan Park. Alternatively just outside of town, you can camp at Coalseam Conservation Park, Enanty Barn or Yandanooka Hall. Please note you must be self-contained for these camping sites.

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