Wildflower Season

    Jul - Sep
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    Greater Mingenew region

Mingenew is often described as the true heart of WA’s wildflower country. Amongst a diverse range of native pink and white everlastings, yellow pom pom wildflowers occupy immense meadows as far as the eye can see and Mingenew is also blessed with several species that are unique to the region.

A call to our Mingenew Spring Caravan Park, Mingenew Visitors Centre or the Shire is a great way to find exactly where the best spots are, at the optimum times. Below we have listed the areas where many of the wildflowers are at their blossoming best, super close to the centre of town.

(Information courtesy of Mingenew CRC)

Coalseam Conservation Park

Located just 33km from Mingenew, the Coalseam Conservation Park will blow your mind! A beautiful drive into the park exposes you to massive riverbank cliffs which still reveal 250 million years of geological history. A walk along the Irwin River bed will uncover perfectly preserved marine fossils which were here when the area was covered by a Permian sea.

From a wildflower point of view, Coalseam Conservation Park is a true nirvana, best known for its incredible range of annuals and perennials due to the park’s diverse habitat range and location between sandplain and arid country.

Mingenew makes for a great ‘stay point’, where you can make day trips to Coalseam and then enjoy all the benefits of our unique hospitality and amenities.

Depot Hill

Depot Hill is wonderful spot for an abundance of wildflowers, native animals and a picnic on the banks of the river under the gum trees. Just five minutes from Mingenew, the very camera friendly area offers easy access to a multitude of wildflower species or, for those of you who enjoy a good walk, you can carry on along the bush track to discover the historic WW2 Army Rifle Range.

Remember to grab a copy of the wildflower booklet from the Mingenew Tourist Centre so that you can identify all of the wonderful species on display.

Mingenew Hill

Mingenew Hill, right in town, is the ideal place for holiday makers to have a rest and view our stunning landscape from high above, for as far as the eye can see. Just wander or drive over the railway line on Mingenew – Mullewa Rd. It’s perfect for wildflowers, picnics and shutterbugs alike! At the bottom of the hill is Drovers Rest, a great spot to take a break and discover Mingenew’s rich droving heritage.




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