Mingenew Historical Walk

Where to begin? Well, why not at the beginning. Prior to Mingenew’s settlement (c1850), the Wilugardi and Amangu Aboriginals moved through the area and referred to the land as ‘Mininoo’, meaning ‘many ants’. When you get into the off-road aspects of our walk, you may well see why! Staying in town there are some wonderful sites to see, and many people choose to begin at the top (southern) end of our ‘metropolis’ and work their way through to a hearty lunch or dinner at the Mingenew Hotel, originally the ‘Midland’, built c1890. We have beautiful churches dating back to 1882, several heritage listed buildings such as 14. Linthorne Manor, the home of early pioneer, William Henry Linthorne (1846 – 1920), who actually constructed many of the buildings himself including the Anglican Church and the state school, now the Mingenew Museum.

Just out of town central is Drovers Rest, where from the 1850s through to the early 1900s, large drafts of Kimberley and Gascoyne pastoral cattle arrived from places as far away as Port Hedland! We hope the map is helpful but please, feel free to contact the shire if there’s anything you need to know.

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