Storytowns Podcasts

The Shire of Mingenew is partnering with Storytowns on creating podcasts for our shire. We are looking to connect with locals who have a wealth of knowledge about our shire and have stories about our history and community that the Storytowns team would be interested in!

“What is a podacast?” you might say! A podcast is an audio programme, just like talk radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like. Essentially, a podcast is a series of spoken word, audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme. You can subscribe to the show with an app on your phone and listen to episodes whenever you like.

Storytowns showcases regional and rural towns, the folk that live there and local hidden gems, via location-based podcasts

Unlike other podcasts, the Storytowns app includes the ability to use the geo-location function and digital map, which allows stories to play automatically as visitors approach a podcast site/town.

Think of it as fun, contemporary tourist radio. The 7 minute audio guides are designed to encourage visitors to stop, immerse and interact with the location and environment.

The podcasts would be similar to many other podcast audio guides that Storytowns are making around Australia. Here is an example; the Killarney podcast. Told by Shane Howard (from the band Goanna) we learn in this podcast about the Irish heritage and how it became one of the largest Irish settlements outside of Melbourne. We hear how the town of Koroit is named after an Indigenous name for ‘fire’ and about the legend of the Mahogany Shipwreck, a ship that supposedly sank off the Victorian coast 200 years before the arrival of Captain Cook. Click Here to listen to the “Country to Coast” podcasts.

Storytowns are currently in the planning and research stage, and looking for people to share local knowledge and stories. They have created a survey to help people start to share the local stories and people, before one of our Journalists come out on site to conduct the interviews.

Storytowns really need your help to nail down a few strong stories and places for travellers to visit. If you can fill out this survey for the team, that would be a great help to promote your town – for the Survey Link CLICK HERE.

Feel Free to pass on details to anyone you know who may be interested.