Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996
Part 4A Regional price preference


The Shire of Mingenew is currently reviewing its Regional Price Preference Policy and invites public submissions on the Policy.

A Regional Price Preference Policy permits evaluation of tenderers / suppliers from within a set region to be considered as if they have a price discount applied in order to be competitive with bidders outside the region. The policy sets out the qualifying criteria and the process for application.

The Policy currently gives a higher preference to local (Mingenew) suppliers, then those located within the Shire’s of Coorow, Carnamah, Morawa, Irwin Perenjori and Three Springs, and then to all other suppliers located within the Midwest Region.

A copy of the Shire’s proposed Regional Price Preference Policy can be found by clicking here – Regional Price Preference.

Submissions on the Policy may be made in writing to, in person to the Administration Office at 21 Victoria Street, Mingenew or by mail, and will be accepted until 5pm, Friday, 21 February 2020.


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