PRESS RELEASE: Proposed Gas Extraction Wells, Gas Processing Facility and Workforce Accommodation

Council, at its Special Meeting tonight, resolved not to support the Lockyer Gas Project implementing any permanent workforce accommodation onsite at its proposed Gas Processing Facility.

As well as a gas processing facility and extraction wells, the applicants (Energy Resources Limited & Westranch Holdings Pty Ltd) are seeking approval for a permanent 24 bedroom onsite workforce accommodation camp.

Mingenew’s Shire President states, “Council is really disappointed that Mineral Resources (MRL) has not listened to the community and has decided to propose housing all 40 permanent staff on site as opposed to making a long-term commitment to the local surrounding communities and region like it has done in other towns such as Onslow. It all comes down to a lack of social responsibility, equity and commitment from these large resource companies choosing to not support local towns”.

The report presented to Council outlines that the establishment of workforce accommodation on-site is contrary to the aims of the Shire of Mingenew Town Planning Scheme, our Strategic Community Plan and is contrary to the WA Planning Commission Position Statement: Workforce accommodation, which seeks to site workforce accommodation in established towns.

If approved by the State, it would also be contrary to the principles and objectives of the State Planning Strategy that seeks to create places where people want to live and work, facilitating sustainable and resilient regions.

If approved, the permanent workforce accommodation does not align with the States Planning Policy No.3 Urban Growth and Settlement which also has the objective of building on existing communities.

If approved, in its current form it would demonstrate that the government is not supporting the Regions.

The proposal has no Social Impact Assessment or local community investment program which does not demonstrate any benefit to the surrounding communities.

Housing workers in Mingenew, just 10 minutes drive from site, provides and supports a community culture; a safe and secure lifestyle supported by community, medical, recreational, educational and commercial facilities.

The Western Australian Parliamentary Committee Report ‘Enough is Enough-Sexual Harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry’ identifies that culture change is necessary and offering community-based accommodation may reduce psychosocial hazards.

Council can only hope that the WA Planning Commission takes stock of these issues and supports Regional Western Australia”.


Matt Fanning
Chief Executive Officer

29 April 2024