The Shenton Street Skate Park is in need of upgrading; something that was identified during the development of our Community Strategic Plan 2019-2029.  The Skate Park itself still gets a lot of use from the youth in Mingenew and if the area is made more inviting it would encourage more outdoor recreational activities for our young community members.

We are looking for several interested community members to form a committee for this project; ideally those who currently or historically have made use of the skate park and surrounding recreational facilities.  If you would like to join the committee and assist in bringing this project to fruition, please contact the shire and put forward your interest.

Alternatively, if you simply would like to make a submission, we would love to hear from you. You can download the submission form right here.

What is Planned?

Nothing is ‘set in concrete’ yet; but as the concrete slab of the skate park is still in reasonable condition it can potentially be retained with a facelift and an upgrade of modules.

The area between the Skate Park and Cecil Newton Park could potentially also be used for some outdoor recreation activity/Playground. This would align with the shire’s Strategic Community Plan (2.4) and the Corporate Business Plan (2.4.2 e) “Improve amenity & function of local playgrounds, including Shenton Street Skate Park to support outdoor recreation activities for local youth.”

Some other initial ideas include:

  • Repair/upgrade of the Skate Park’s existing modules
  • Upgrade/repair of concrete slab itself
  • Addition of shade sails
  • Addition of more skate modules for the area.
  • Installation of picnic shelter table and chair sets
  • Plant fast-growing (shade trees)
  • Potential for installation of additional playground with soft fall (to allow for longer-term consolidation of the town’s playgrounds)

Have your say!

We will be taking submissions up to 4.00pm Friday 22 November 2019. Please download the form, or come into the Shire office to request one so that you can put your ideas forward.

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