Council Update June 2022

Message from the Shire President

As we say farewell to our outgoing CEO Nils Hay, I would like to thank Nils for his contribution to our community. His leadership throughout the pandemic and Seroja was outstanding. Nils leaves us with our Shire’s compliance and regulatory position in top order. Whilst some consider our roads and town ambiance aren’t what they would like, outside staffing being a huge issue, rest assured that council recognises this and have been working to correct it.

I am also happy to report that we are close to the appointment of his replacement. In the interim, a familiar fame to some – Maurice Battilana – will be returning for a couple of months as our Temporary CEO. Maurice will commence on 4 July and serve until our new permanent CEO commences.

Council remains on the search for a seventh person to fill our vacant Councillor position. As we didn’t receive any nominations for our extraordinary election, we are able to appoint a person to that position without undertaking the election process. If you would be interested, please reach out to me – or any of our Councillors – to discuss this. If we are unable to secure someone for the role, we will carry the vacancy through to our October 2023 election.

Lastly, I want to thank those who attended the recent community consultation around the Mingenew supermarket – particularly those who expressed a willingness to contribute financially to a community solution for the store. Council is working on some potential ownership models to facilitate this before we come back to the community with an update and to try to move to the next step.

– Cr Gary Cosgrove, Shire President

Vacant Councillor Position

At its June Ordinary Meeting Council decided to seek to appoint a person to the vacant Councillor position. If you would be interested in taking on this position, please get in contact with one of our Councillors to discuss the opportunity.

You can find contact information for all our Councillors on our website here.

Shire CEO Recruitment Update

Council received a strong response to the CEO recruitment process and hope to have a decision finalised by the end of June. In the interim, it has appointed Mr Maurice Battilana to serve as a temporary CEO whilst we wait for the new permanent CEO to commence.

Community Consultation Session: Mingenew Supermarket

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent community consultation session regarding the supermarket. Several key things came out from the discussion:

  1. The community agree that keeping a shop in town is of great importance
  2. There are community members willing to invest in a solution to do this (and thank you to those who have already generously offered pledges)
  3. Council is willing to assist and facilitate the development of a solution, but do not intend to be actively involved in the management of funds or operations of the store.

Due to the CEO transition, Council have engaged a consultant to ensure this matter continues to receive a high level of focus. The consultant will be assessing the various community ownership models that exist and will then provide information back to the community for feedback. At that time we will also seek to determine the degree to which people are willing to invest in a solution.

We are also seeking cost estimates for any works required on the existing building. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook Page and the Mingenew Matters for further updates.

Community Satisfaction Survey

Council has engaged an external organisation, Catalyse, to conduct a community satisfaction survey on its behalf. The results from this survey will provide a baseline for Council to measure its performance going forwards, but also allow us to benchmark ourselves against other local governments across WA and Australia.

If you have a Mingenew post office box, you should have already received a copy of the survey and self-addressed return envelope in the coming days. If you don’t have a Mingenew post office box and would like to complete a survey, you can pick up a copy from the Shire office.

Survey results must be sent back by 1 July 2022 and we hope to have the results collated in August.

Local Heritage Survey

Council has extended the response period for the Local Heritage Survey to Monday 1 August. The Local Heritage Survey (LHS) replaces the former Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places (last reviewed in 1996) to identify and prioritise places of local heritage significance and includes a Heritage List that provides some protections and management guidance under the Local Planning Scheme.

It doesn’t provide a comprehensive description of the Shire’s heritage places, but identifies sites that may require protection under Council’s planning scheme and helps Council place appropriate protections in place.

Members of the public, including landowners and community interest groups are invited to review the draft LHS and provide comment to assist in informing the final LHS.

More Information

To access a copy of the draft Local Heritage Survey, please visit the Shire’s website here or request a copy from the Shire office.

Consultant Laura Gray may be contacted on 0408 105 784 or emailed at


Submissions may be made by email to or complete the submission form available at the Shire Office or on the Shire’s website.

Submissions close 9am Monday, 1 August 2022.

Shire Tenders

RFT1 22/23 Mingenew Tennis Clubhouse Reconstruction

The Shire of Mingenew (the Shire) invites tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for building construction works at the Mingenew Tennis Club, Lot 110 (P240354) Bride Street, Mingenew WA 6522.

Where a Tenderer believes they can provide a better value for money solution which delivers comparable outcomes, they are encouraged to submit an Alternative Tender.

For queries contact Nils Hay on or 08 9928 1102.

To download the tender documentation, visit our website here.

This tender closes Monday 10 July 2022 at 10:00AM WST

Pulse Oximeters

The Shire is assisting the WA Health Department to distribute free Pulse Oximeters to eligible people, should they be needed for the COVID Care at Home program.

Who Is Eligible:

  • Non-Aboriginal people over 65
  • Aboriginal people over 50
  • Pregnant women

How Do I Get One?

Eligible people can collect their free pulse oximeter from the Shire office during business hours (8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday).

When Do I Use It?

The pulse oximeter is to be used once you have become COVID-19 positive and entered the WA COVID Care at Home program.

How Do I Register for WA COVID Care at Home?

To register for WA COVID Care at Home you first need to have tested positive for COVID-19.

Find out more at: online here or call 1800 367 277.

Have Questions?

Shire staff are not qualified to provide advice or feedback regarding the operation of pulse oximeters (or any other health advice).

For general COVID-related queries, call 13-COVID (13 26843) or click here.

If you have a query about your pulse oximeter, or the results you are receiving, you should contact WA COVID Care at Home on 1800 367 277.

If you have a medical emergency, always call 000.

Dog and Cat Microchipping Services

Do you need your dog or cat microchipped? WA Contract Ranger Services can now microchip when they come to Mingenew.

Payment is required upfront and is cash only. Call the Shire on 9928 1102 to enquire or to book your cat or dog to be microchipped. Please make sure you are available and at your house on the date you’ve booked for. Other arrangements can also be made with the Ranger on the day

You can find out more about microchipping requirements and looking after dogs and cats here.

Providing Feedback

We welcome your feedback at the Shire, and have a purpose-built feedback form available on our website (click here), or at our office, if you have a comment, compliment, complaint, or request for service. Using the form will ensure that your feedback makes it to the correct person in our organisation and is properly captured in our records system.

Shire SMS Service

To improve our public communication the Shire sends out text messages for key fire, road and community-related matters. It’s easy and free to get on the list. If you would like to be added to the database, please fill in a form at the Shire office or complete one online here.

Mosquito Activity

If you are having issues with mosquitoes at your property, please let the Shire know (visit the office, call 9928 1102 or email so that we can investigate and treat the issue.

We can only do so much on our own though, so please help by:

  • Emptying out standing water that they could breed in
  • Tidying up any debris which might be serving as a breeding ground
  • Consider treating your property residual sprays to control mosquitoes
  • Let us know about issues in public areas. We can help treat standing water on or near your property which might be serving as a breeding ground that can’t be emptied out

You can find out more about controlling mosquitoes around your home through the Department of Health website here too.

Council Meeting Updates

At its June meeting Council confirmed arrangements for the period before the commencement of their new CEO. They also agreed to continue with two-monthly Council meetings for the remainder of 2022. The 2022-23 Corporate Business Plan was adopted, along with positions on the future of local Bush Fire Brigades and the North West Stock Route state heritage listing.

The minutes from this, and previous, meetings are available on the Shire website here.