Message from the Shire President

Whilst harvest may have finished earlier than we all would have liked, December was still a busy month for many of us. At the Shire, the first couple of weeks featured renewed interest in our space industry, as Capricorn Space – the newest commercial satellite tracking operator in our region – officially opened their facility. The opening both put the spotlight on Mingenew’s space industry, whilst also giving many Councillors a crash course in our radio quiet zone, the existing operators in the sector and the importance of continuing to work with the State Government for infrastructure upgrades to help the sector grow.

As we move into a new year, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who contributed to the betterment of both the Shire and Community of Mingenew over 2019; our Councillors, staff and community members – all of whom work hard to help make Mingenew what it is.

I would particularly like to highlight the work of all our Shire employees; much of the work they do is unseen and – as with many public institutions or utility providers – we usually only notice (and give feedback) when things go wrong. For every pothole though, there are long stretches of upgraded and maintained roads. For every weed, there are numerous maintained lawns and gardens. For every administrative oversight there are countless transactions and interactions which happen seamlessly. For all the good work that often goes unacknowledged, I say thank you.

 – Cr Gary Cosgrove, Shire President


Dean Contracting have commenced widening works on Yandanooka North East Road (south of the Yandanooka-Morawa Road intersection) early in the New Year. This work should be completed and sealed by the end of January.

We will be continuing works on Coalseam Road, and then moving to Mingenew-Mullewa Road through January and February.

Mingenew Christmas Tree

Thanks to all the volunteers who came together to put on this year’s Mingenew Christmas Tree. Despite a few last-minute changes to try to deal with the scorching heat, the event was well-attended and enjoyed. Like many events in the Shire, without our generous and dedicated volunteers, events like this would not be anywhere near as successful.

Capricorn Space Opening

This month saw the opening of our newest Space Industry business, Capricorn Space. Whilst over 40 years old and nationally (even internationally) significant, Mingenew’s space industry is still relatively unknown. This event shone a spotlight on the sector, and helped to highlight some of the challenges that we face in continuing to grow it. You can read more in this ABC article.

Waste Transfer Station

Tenders will be called shortly for the management of Mingenew’s Transfer Station. Whilst no changes are anticipated until April 2020, the commencement of more formal transfer station activities will see changes to how and when we can access the landfill and dump waste.

This follows the community consultation which took place through the second half of 2019, and the feedback from that consultation has been factored into the future operations of the waste facility. Whilst we will seek to minimise any inconvenience to residents and ratepayers, the evolving environmental requirements and associated costs with managing a compliant waste facility continue to grow – and the impacts of dumping of waste from outside of the Shire (to avoid increased regulation elsewhere) have left us with little alternative to change our practices.

Council Meeting Review

At the December Council Meeting Council adopted its 2018-19 Annual Report. This document can now be viewed on the here. It captures our audited annual financials, as well as a range of reports regarding the activities of the Shire over the previous financial year, including where we are allocating our budget and how we are working towards achieving our Strategic Community Plan goals.

At the meeting we also adopted our Ordinary Council Meeting Dates for 2020. As per this year, Ordinary Council Meetings will take place from 4.30pm on the third Wednesday of every month (except January). For a full list of dates, click here.

Council also elected to make two small land purchases in Mingenew; one to correct a past planning issue and another to give the Shire ownership of the lot which houses our Fire Shed. This is necessary for us to seek funding to make future improvements to the Shed.

Fire Season Reminder

Speaking of the Fire Shed, with more hot, dry weather ahead of us, please ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire. If you haven’t already, please ensure you have a bushfire plan in place for you and your family. You can find more information on bushfire plans and a range of helpful tips on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website here.

Annual General Meeting of Electors

With the completion of our Annual Report, we have also scheduled our AGM of Electors. The meeting will take place at 6.00 PM on Monday 10 February 2020 at the Council Chambers. The purpose of the meeting and order of business for matters to be discussed at the meeting are firstly, the contents of the 2018/19 Annual Report and then any other general business.

Questions from Electors are welcome and may be submitted in advance to ensure a timely and accurate response can be provided. For further information please contact the Shire on (08) 9928 1102.

Shire Contact Lists

With fire season upon us, we will be utilising the Shire’s text message service as well as social media to alert people to any incidents. If you have not already registered for our public messaging database, we suggest that you do so to receive the latest updates. You can simply contact the Shire or visit our website:  Click here and view the Public Communications tab.

Happy New Year

Lastly, but certainly not least, we hope that everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas and want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our various community consultation efforts through 2019, thanks to all the volunteers throughout the community who give their time to the betterment of the Shire, and thanks to everyone who supports our efforts. We look forward to working for you and with you in 2020.

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