Mingenew Hinterlands Experience

  • This event is over.
  • Coalseam Conservation Park - TBC

You are invited to the Mingenew Hinterlands Experience as part of the 2019 Act-Belong-Commit Harvest Festival. We are hoping to set up in Coalseam park which will be confirmed soon!

Throughout the day there will be live music, free wildflower drawing, basket making and community painting workshops. You can reserve a seat at the Apporte le tien ‘bring your own’ lunch for the Long Table or pull up a blanket, sit back, relax while you enjoy your picnic lunch!

Free tickets for the long table, drawing and basket making activities can be found on Act-Belong-Commit Harvest Festival site.

The 2019 Act-Belong-Commit Harvest Festival is happening throughout the North Midlands finishing in Geraldton between Saturday 28 September & Tuesday 1 October 2019.