Littlewell Mingenew Stargazing Night

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    5pm - 8pm
  • Littlewell Reserve
*Note: This event has been postponed to 26 September 2021 *
Join us, as part of the inaugural Shore Leave Festival, for an evening of local Indigenous history, captivating yarns and scintillating stargazing.

Wattandee elders, who grew up on Mingenew’s Littlewell Reserve will share stories of life on the Reserve and take you on a journey through the heavens. The event will include a traditional Welcome to Country on the Reserve, followed by an evening of guided stargazing and storytelling. Join us for a glimpse into the world’s oldest culture, and their unique relationship with the night sky.

Food and Drink: Ticket price includes a complementary grazing platter, and dinner can also be pre-ordered to enjoy during the event for an additional fee.

For those who would like to enjoy some wine, bubbles or beers under the stars, the event is BYO-friendly. Please drink responsibly.

Ticket Price
$50 including grazing platter
$65 with dinner supplied

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Littlewell Reserve
Entrance 150m east of Midlands Rd/Showgrounds Rd intersection, Mingenew 6522 & Mingenew Golf Course, Showgrounds Rd, Mingenew 6522.