With the rain starting to fall and our plants starting to grow the Shire needs your help to ensure that our town blocks are tidy and not providing habitats for mosquitos or vermin.

What is the Shire doing?

Our Environmental Health Officer and Ranger will be conducting inspections to identify any locations which may harbour vermin or provide habitat for mosquitos, or which are likely to become a future fire hazard.  These blocks typically:

  • Contain debris or rubbish, including places where water collects and stagnates
  • Are overgrown or untidy

Click here for more information on mosquito control, and here for information on discouraging rats.

We will contact property owners and request that they address any issues that are found. We can also help to discuss possible solutions. Council can assist with transportation of large items to the rubbish tip and with block slashing through private works arrangements (click here for a private works request form). We may also be able to assist with the treatment of standing water to eliminate mosquitos.

In general, we much prefer to help owners tidy up rather than issuing infringement notices.

What can you do?

  • Store materials on your block in a tidy manner and tip out any standing water, reducing the places for vermin and mosquitos to live and breed
  • Remove debris/rubbish from your block
  • Keep the vegetation on your block trimmed so that it doesn’t become a home for vermin or, come the end of the rains, a potential fire hazard
  • Contact Council if you have large items, like car bodies, that you need help to remove

What is the outcome?

  • There are less places for vermin and mosquitos to breed
  • There are less overgrown lots and a smaller fire hazard come next fire season
  • Our town looks tidier and more appealing
  • Mingenew is a safer and more pleasant place to live and visit

We know that most of our residents work hard to keep their properties tidy, and we are confident that these are outcomes everyone would like to see. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at the Shire and we will do our best to help.

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