The Shire of Mingenew recently called tenders for its refuse collection and disposal service.  The successful contractor was Cleanaway of Geraldton, which will provide the service from Monday 23 September 2019.  Avon Waste will continue to provide its regular service until the week ending 20 September.

There will be several changes as a result of the new contract:

  1. Collection days will alter. From 23 September 2019, the collection day for residential bins will change to Monday;
  2. The new Cleanaway bins will be distributed during the week starting 16 September 2019;
  3. Some roadside rest stop bins outside of the townsite (e.g. Enanty Barn, Yandanooka) will be collected by the contractor;
  4. Rural properties along the collection truck routes will now have the option to have a weekly domestic (or in some cases, fortnightly commercial-sized) bin collected as part of the normal Shire of Mingenew collection service.

The Cleanaway contract and new collection days/times will take effect from Monday 23 September 2019 according to the below:

ServiceCollection Day and TimeFrequency
Mingenew Residential Properties (240L bin)Mondays (please put bins out by 6.00am)Weekly
Rural Residential Bins (240L) – collection truck routes onlyMondays (please put bins out by 6.00am)Weekly
Commercial sized Front Lift Bins (1.5/3.0m³)FridaysFortnightly
Roadside Rest Stop Bins – external to Mingenew Townsite (240L)MondaysWeekly

 Rural Collection

If eligible rural properties would like to receive a rubbish collection service, please contact the Shire of Mingenew on 9928 1102.  A 240L residential style bin or a 1.5/3.0m³ commercial bin will be provided free of charge and an annual collection fee will be added to your annual rates notice. For more information, please contact the Shire. Outlined below are the roads able to be serviced (those being travelled by the collection truck).

Rural Road CollectionBin Pick-up PointCollection Day1.5/3.0m³ Bin Availability
Midlands Road (from Shire’s western boundary with Irwin, to Mingenew townsite).Bins to be placed on the northern side of the road (so the truck can pick up the bins whilst on route to Mingenew from Dongara).Mondays (please put bins out by 6.00am).Yes (collected fortnightly on Fridays).
Midlands Road (from Mingenew townsite to Yandanooka townsite).Bins to be placed at your drive-way (the truck can pick up the bins on route from Mingenew to Yandanooka, and then on its return to Mingenew).Mondays (please put bins out by 6.00am).No.
Mingenew-Morawa Road (from Mingenew townsite to Enanty Barn’s roadside rest stop rubbish collection point).Bins to be placed at your drive-way (the truck can pick up the bins on route to Mingenew to Enanty Barn and return to Mingenew).Mondays (please put bins out by 6.00am)No.
Depot Hill/Allanooka Springs Road (the route taken by the truck to return to Geraldton).Bins to be placed on the south/western side of the road (so the truck can pick up the bins on route from Mingenew back to Geraldton).Mondays (please put bins out by 6.00am)Yes (collected fortnightly on Fridays).

For more information, you can contact the Shire on 08 9928 1102 or email

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