Register of Gifts

Under s5.89A of the Local Government Act 1995, a local government is required to keep a register of gifts and publish any disclosures on its website. In accordance with Regulation 28A of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, this version of the register does not disclose information about individuals’ addresses other than the applicable town or suburb included in the disclosure. The table below reflects an up-to-date version of the Gift Register:

Name of person making disclosureDescription of giftName and address of person who made giftDate gift was receivedEstimated value of gift at time it was madeNature of relationship between person who made gift and person who received giftFor a gift that is travel contribution - description and date of travelFor an excluded gift under s5.62(1B)(a) - the date of the approval referred to in s5.62(1B)(a)(ii) and the reasons for approval
Nil disclosures for 2018/19 as at 30 June 2019.
Nil disclosures for 2019/20 as at 30 June 2020.

The enclosed table will be updated from time to time, as disclosures are made in accordance with legislative requirements.


Council Delegations Register

Council’s Delegation Register is reviewed and updated at least once each financial year, in accordance with s5.18 and s5.46 of the Local Government Act 1995. The Register outlines the delegations made from Council to the Chief Executive Officer and Committees, and the Chief Executive Officer to other staff.

A copy of the latest Delegations Register  can be found here Delegations Register v1.6 NLM201308 20 May 2020 Adopted.


Register of Complaints (minor breach)

The complaints officer for each local government is required to maintain a register of complaints which records all complaints that result in a finding under section 5.110(2)(a) that a minor breach has occurred. A ‘minor breach’ relates to a council member and may be in relation to a contravention of a rule of conduct (under s5.104) or a local law made under the Local Government Act 1995, for which a regulation specifies is a minor breach.

Name of council member about whom the complaint is madeName of the person who makes the complaintDescription of the minor breach that the standards panel finds has occurredDetails of the action taken under section 5.110(6)
Nil complaints resulted in a finding - as at 30 June 2019
Nil complaints resulted in a finding - as at 30 June 2020


Report on Elected Member Training

The CEO is required to publish a report on the training completed by council members in a financial year, within 1 month of the end of the financial year, as per s5.127 of the Local Government Act 1995. As this requirement was introduced in 2019, the first report will be available following the end of the 2019/20 financial year.


Tender Register

In accordance with Regulation 17 of the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996, the Shire maintains a Tender Register; a copy of which is provided below:


RFT 1 201920 Mingenew Rural Road Works

RFT 2 201920 Management of Mingenew Transfer Station


RFT 1 202021 Backhoe Supply and Disposal

RFT 2 202021 Disposal of Residential Land


Model Code of Conduct and CEO Standards – Temporary Provisions

With the Local Government (Model Code of Conduct) Regulations 2021, Local Government (Administration) Amendment Regulations 2021 and Local Government Regulations Amendment (Employee Code of Conduct) Regulations 2021 taking effect from Wednesday 3 February 2021, the Shire is required to implement a number of changes with respect to Codes of Conduct, CEO Recruitment, Selection, Performance Review and Termination Standards.

Council is required to adopt its own Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates that comply with the Model which is intended to occur prior to 21 April 2021. Until such time the Model Code applies. A copy of the Model Code of Conduct can be viewed here – Schedule 1 – Model Code of Conduct.

A review of the Code of Conduct that applies to employees will also be undertaken to ensure compliance with the new Admin Regulations that prescribe certain inclusions. The Code will be made available following that review.

Similarly to the Model Code, the Shire is required to adopt CEO Recruitment, Selection, Performance Review and Termination Standards, with a Model set of standards to apply until the Shire adopts its own. A copy of the Standards can be viewed here – Schedule 2 -Model standards for CEO recruitment, performance and termination.