Mingenew Midwest Expo

    15-16 Aug 2018
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    Mingenew Sports Grounds

The Mingenew Midwest Expo is a major event for our shire. With over 300 leading industry experts showcasing their agricultural and farming knowledge, the expo offers an exciting and rare chance to interact with multiple innovators from a wide range of farm based industries. The midwest’s largest agricultural field day occurs this year on August 16/17 and sees thousands of visitors from many neighboring towns, farms and cities head to the Shire of Mingenew to engage with a multitude of agricultural and show based events.

Local Mingenew Lions Club member Rob Paskins developed the expo all the way back in 1973. Rob had a strong vision to ensure businesses were able to provide essential information regarding farming and agricultural expertise, to a vast range of local community members. Currently the Mingenew Midwest Expo is celebrating its 35th year. The expo still hold’s strong the initial vision to promote and educate the modern community on the future of farming, and how the advancements of technology can positively assist WA’s farming communities.

The Mingenew Expo has evolved to incorporate a large variety of activities, competitions, and exhibits for the whole family. It’s definitely worth a visit. So, ‘We’ll see you in Mingenew’.

August 15th & 16th

Contact Taryn Winter
Phone (08) 9928 1138 or visit www.mmwe.com.au 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mingenew.expo/